Visit our T IoT LAB in the Arboretum in Rogów.


Technology for science

Technology is now applied to almost every aspect of our lives. Things are no different in the world of science - the right technological support can open up new possibilities in terms of research and training to the highest level. We have just created this kind of smart infrastructure for one of Poland’s leading universities - the Warsaw University of Life Sciences [SGGW].

Within the Arboretum in Rogów, we created our T IoT LAB, a smart area for measuring environmental parameters.

Through cooperation with T-Mobile, the scientific community and SGGW students have gained access to solutions based on Narrowband-IoT technology, allowing automatic collection of diverse data and environmental parameters that are significant to both the academic training process and education in the area of technological applications in various fields.

Discover the technological solutions in the T IoT LAB

Visit our T IoT LAB in the Arboretum

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Internet of
things (IoT)

simply put - this is a system of communicating electronic devices that exchange data with one another without human input. The devices link up wirelessly and, what’s more, by means of data transfer and analysis, interact with the environment.

IoT (NB-IoT)

In order to ensure adequate data flow and the stability of the applied solutions, a fool-proof network is essential. As a telecommunications operator, T-Mobile has both its own GSM mobile network and the only commercial Narrowband-IoT network in Poland that provides coverage for the entire country and operates within the licensed LTE 800 MHz band.

Standard Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is part of the LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) family, the typical features of which are:

Low power - low energy consumption means that a single battery will provide sufficient power supply for several years, even in the event of frequent measurements or things like self-discharge and battery degradation.

Wide area - data are sent over the mobile network even in difficult conditions, e.g. in built-up areas where numerous obstructions to radio signal impede transmission, or in locations where radio waves are suppressed, such as basements or underground facilities.

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